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Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy is that we exist to protect your privacy and other human rights.

It’s why we do what we do.

What data do you gather when I visit this site?

No data that is linked to you is collected or stored by us as you browse this site.

This site runs on Site.js.

Site.js collects aggregate access statistics that are ephemeral (they reset when the server restarts). This is mostly useful for us to see how much traffic the site is getting and notice broken links or the occasional misconfigured bot or hack attempt.

View latest ephemeral statistics.

What data do you gather if I sign the manifesto?

When you sign the manifesto, we collect two types of data. Data about you and data about the signatory (which might also be you or it might be a project or organisation that you’re signing on behalf of).

(A) Data about you:

(B) Data about the signatory:

Data about you (A) is not displayed on the site and only used for the following purposes:

We will not use your name or email address for any other purpose although we may have to hand over the information should we receive a subpoena to do so. (Although what use it will be to anyone is beyond us as we store no other data about you.)

Data about the signatory (B) is displayed in the signatory list on the site.

How long do you keep my data?

If you sign the manifesto, we keep the data in Groups A and B for as long as your signature remains on the manifesto.

How can I get my data removed?

If you signed the manifesto, you will have received a confirmation email that contains a link you can follow to delete your signature.

Deleting your signature from the manifesto will also delete the linked data that is not displayed (your name and your email address).

If you lost your confirmation email with the deletion link, please email Laura and Aral at hello@small-tech.org from the address you used to sign the manifesto and we will delete it for you.

Do you use any third-party services to host this site and what data do they have access to?

This site is hosted on a Hetzner VPS.

You can download and read the GDPR data processing agreement we have with Hetzner (PDF; 199KB).

Other than that we do not use any other third-party services for the hosting of this site.

So you don’t use any third-party services to send emails?

No. Emails are sent using code we’ve written that contacts your mail server directly.

(Email is actually quite a simple protocol and the needs of this site are very basic. See Aral’s video on How to send an email by manually talking to an email server if you’re into that sort of thing.)

Can I see exactly what the site is doing?

Yes, of course.

Our work is free and open source, released under the GNU AGPL version 3.0 license.

View Source.

(If you notice any bugs or have suggestions for improvements, please let us know by opening an issue. Thanks!)

How has this privacy policy changed over time?

Since this web site is free and open source, you can view every change that’s been made to this privacy policy over time.

Can I talk to a human being?

Always! 👋🤓

Email hello@small-tech.org and either Laura or Aral will get back to you as soon as we can.